Billing and ICD Coding

Our revenue cycle management (RCM) services touch every practice function — from the front desk to the back office — to help manage customers' revenue cycles from initial patient encounter to collection and beyond. Amrita offers the tools and training practices need to track claims data, ensure accurate and timely claims submission, boost collection rates and optimize billing practices.

Our services include

icon    Billing Accounts Receivable Management

icon    CPT/ICD coding

icon    Demographics and Charge Capture Integration

icon    Electronic Claims Processing

icon   Insurance and Third Party Payers

icon   Payer Reimbursement Tracking

icon   Processing and Follow-up Amrita Differentiators

icon    Procedure and Diagnosis Coding Consulting

icon   Compliance with Federal and State Regulations
     (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid and Worker's Compensation)

icon     Practice Financial Analysis

icon    Refund Management

icon    Return Mail Management

icon    Standard and Customized Reports

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