Amrita Pulse



The Amrita Pulse ECG monitor connects via Bluetooth to an Android phone, which in turn connects to local wireless technology that is independent
of your facility’s Wi-Fi. This allows a doctor to monitor a patient through
a connected mobile phone or web browser, facilitating real-time remote cardiac monitoring. Amrita Pulse also incorporates automatic activity detection and tagging using a built-in accelerometer, so doctors can compare patients’ heart activity with their physical activity. (finalizing application for FDA approval)
The advantages of such a system are numerous, including expedited patient discharges from ICU, low cost continuous monitoring, timely capturing
of critical data, back-end analytics with multi-patient data. This has been successfully used to monitor cardiac patients in rural areas, recording valuable data and triggering real-time alerts for doctors during cardiac abnormalities.
Amrita Pulse is a wireless framework, employing architecture designed with a vision of low-cost, portability, and quality of measurement.