Trackbit – Track Medical Equipment Campus Wide – Amrita Medical

Amrita’s TrackBit is a low-cost solution using Zigbee wireless protocol
for tracking people and equipment campus wide. TrackBit attaches
to employee or patient ID badges, sending out RF signals to indicate
its presence. Trackbit routers only need power sockets for connecting
routers and gateways. Gateways are connected to the local area network,
and data is pushed to the tracking application hosted at the central
server. TrackMe software provides live updates, graphically representing
the movement of each asset being tracked, plotting each device and its
movement on an interactive terrain in Real-Time. TrackBit acts as the
backbone for several process improvements, giving better visibility to
management on when, where, and how resources are being used within
the entire ecosystem at any point in time.

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Trackbit Asset Tag